SV3 Trading Review

SV3 Trading Review

SV3 Trading is a provider of Forex signals delivering 5-15 signals on a daily basis while promising a high success rate of 70-90%. It also has a VIP telegram group, where users get access to an education platform and a comprehensive trading course with a mentor and a personal coach. There are three pricing plans of 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months and these cost 50, 97, and 337 Euros, respectively.

The vendor offers a 30-day free trial where you can copy the trades placed by the system and check the outcomes before investing your money in it. There are several Forex automated systems making similar claims these days, and to judge the efficacy of the system, we must carry out a thorough assessment.

SV3 Trading Trading Strategy

SV3 Trading Trading Strategy

In order to use SV3 Trading, you first need to download and install the Telegram app on your smartphone. Next, you need to install the MetaTrader 4 trading app on your computer or smartphone. Then, you have the option of joining one of the trading groups on Telegram.

The VIP group can be accessed by subscribing to SV3 Trading, following which the link will be emailed to you. Of course, you will also need to register with a reputed broker to place your trades. The vendor recommends signing up with the BDSwiss broker.

Nothing is mentioned on the official website about the trading strategy used for creating the signals. Several blog articles about Forex trading have been published on the website, but we don’t know what rationale the system follows for developing the signals. This is quite disappointing because many Forex traders want to learn the technical details of the strategy and we expect the vendor to include this in the future.

SV3 Trading Features

With all the plans offered by SV3 Trading, you get daily Forex signals, along with 5000 maximum pips, one-on-one trading support, daily pips recount, and high-quality trading signals from seasoned Forex traders. These are developed through careful market analysis, and the daily pips are tracked efficiently.

In case the pips are lost in a certain month, users get a refund on the subscription money. The vendor claims to maintain transparency and results are shown on a daily basis. SV3 Trading also has a page on Instagram, where educational content related to Forex trading and some valuable trading tips are shared. 

SV3 Trading Backtesting Results

Backtesting results are not available for this Forex signal provider. This raises a red flag that would deter most Forex investors from investing in the system. Backtesting data provides us with some valuable metrics related to a system, such as profitability, win percentage, drawdown, etc. Without backtesting data, we cannot judge whether the system is profitable or not.

SV3 Trading Live Trading Results

On the official website, the vendor has made some tall claims about the high success rate, so we expected them to provide us with some kind of proof. Unfortunately, no live trading results for SV3 Trading can be found.

The absence of live trading results tells us that the promises are most likely hollow and the developer does not wish to disclose the results publicly. This certainly creates some trust issues and makes us question the legitimacy of the Forex robot.

SV3 Trading Reputation

We have no idea regarding who the developers and traders behind SV3 Trading are. It is mentioned that there is a group of seasoned traders working behind the scenes to generate profitable signals, but we don’t know anything more about them.

We would have liked to know the identity and location of the development team as well as whether they have any prior experience in developing Forex robots. Also, we were unable to find any real user reviews concerning SV3 Trading on websites like Forexpeacearmy and Trustpilot.

The overwhelming majority of the reputable Forex systems have customer reviews on these sites, and without these, it is unlikely that a serious Forex trader would consider investing in the software. What we can gather from this is that not many people are using the system as of now, since they don’t trust a service that doesn’t reveal its trading results or conceals the identity of its developers.

SV3 Trading Review Summary

  • Strategy – 3/10
  • Functionality & Features – 4/10
  • Trading Results – 2/10
  • Reliability – 3/10
  • Pricing – 4/10


In the end, we would like to say that SV3 Trading is a scam service that you definitely should not trust. We simply don’t have enough information based on which we can complete our assessment of the system. Nothing much is revealed about the development team, no backtesting or live trading result is provided, and we don’t know what strategy is used by SV3 Trading.

All of this, combined with the fact that there are no user reviews for this service, prevents us from recommending this system. 

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