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We believe in informed decisions. This is why we have created fxaudit.com to deliver accurate and timely financial information to all traders in the market. The forex world is more volatile than traditional financial markets, and traders’ speculation plays a large role in determining currency fluctuations. Naturally, when traders make correct predictions, their earnings multiply manifold. On the contrary, making the wrong move can cost thousands of dollars, which is a significant risk everyone wants to avoid.

Our dedicated analysts and contributors are putting arduous efforts into bringing the latest news updates to your screens every day. We track every change in the market sentiment and dissect it in detail to increase our readers’ understanding. Moreover, we understand that not every investor or trader visiting our website has years of experience, this is why we have our Trading Essentials right here for you.

Our goal

We strive to bring transparency for financial market enthusiasts worldwide. Our team of experts is always working hard to ensure there is zero downtime. Verily, the website has been designed to accommodate the user in every aspect, and our strategy takes very little from vague headlines or hit or miss tactics. Reader first is our credo. This is why thousands of people across the globe trust us.

Maximizing accessibility

The website has various sections geared toward different types of audiences. While fxaudit.com is a transparent financial data platform for advanced traders, it also provides educational material to newbies entering the market. It is a great place to kickstart your learning experience. Traders – amateurs and professionals alike – can easily indulge in insightful conversations with each other to share advice. We believe that such debates refine investors’ skills and encourage healthy trading habits.

We focus on what’s important


We have an extensive review section on the website that helps you compare different brokers in terms of several essential factors.

With regular updates, our experts evaluate and rate the best and the worst forex robots.

Trading essentials

To learn how to navigate the trends of the market to your advantage you need to know some key pillars and essentials. Invest your hard-earned money in currency and/or commodity, and watch your profits grow.


We gather important data from trusted sources and compile them all in one place. Credibility of the source is the main criteria for any headline to appear on fxaudit.com. Our goal to help users gain maximum unbiased insight without scouring through multiple news platforms on the internet.

Retirement guides

We cover essential topics on retirement investment, including 401k and IRA basics for beginners.

Analysis section

We navigate financial trends to decipher their influence on price fluctuations, stocks, currency, and more.

The economy

Measuring economic stability in relevance to global, political, and social factors is critical in making accurate forecasts. At fxaudit.com, we’re always one step ahead of what’s happening, never fail to keep you in the loop.

We track everything connected to forex markets, popular indices including NYSE, NASDAQ and FTSE, as well as commodities. 

Policies and regulations

To dig deep, we keep a close eye on major policymakers and the latest regulations impacting financial markets. This section talks about investor speculation, rumors, monetary policies that cause ripples in various markets, and more.

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