U.S. Government Required Disclaimer- While hopping into trading in commodity futures, commission futures, or options, one has to be well aware of the immense risks that come with it without even promising any guaranteed profits. There is an equal possibility of attaining rewards and incurring losses. As a trader of options and futures, you should understand the susceptibility of the risks and should be willing to undertake them on your own responsibility. This information or any other piece of information available under our name shouldn’t be taken as an invitation or call to engage anyone with the trading of options and futures. You should invest your savings as it can lead to serious financial implications in case of losses. None of the data published on the website is suggestive to earning higher profits or losses for any type of account, and the information about the past performance of any account doesn’t guarantee similar results in the future.

CFTC RULE 4.41- Simulated results or speculative data is subjected to numerous limitations. As simulated trading is usually conducted in controlled circumstances, the results cannot mimic the performance of actual accounts in the market by any means. In the same way, as no trades have been executed, the results can be imprecise, and the responses will be estimated for the sake of mitigating the impacts of lack of liquidity. Except this, the other factor that makes the simulated results different from the actual counterparts is the underlying understanding of the accounts. When real-life instances are taken into account, no such conditions exist. Hence, on this website or any other platform, no depiction is being offered to imply that any account can or cannot make potential profits or suffer losses. If you choose to trade in options and futures, it will be solely on your disposition.

While discussing hypothetical trading, the financial risks are absent, and drawing results similar to real trading is almost impossible. The results from simulated trading are not reliable as it doesn’t take into account the impacts of financial risks are represent the situation without any limitations. In addition to this, speculation and continuously fluctuating market conditions along with many other factors lay down the foundations of the outcome of a particular trading program. The profits made by one person or an account doesn’t mean that another account will perform in the same manner and if a specific account bear loss, then it isn’t a depiction of future losses of any other account. A lot of factors and elements affect the results of trading in futures and options. These factors need to be closely observed to have an idea of market trends.

Any piece of information made available on any platform is exclusively for the purpose of education and informational material including, but not limited to, expert advisory, e-books, educational blogs, analyses, and expert advisory settings purchased online has made accessible to the users to improve their understanding of the trading. These have not been placed as a means of financial advice in any form. In the same way, any financial information published under our name doesn’t point towards any promises or guarantees of the profit. You cannot get any protection against the hefty losses that can incur by trading in futures and options. No third-party should be held responsible or accountable for your decision. If you want to trade in this market, make the decision on your own discretion and take the responsibilities of trade, profit, losses, and other implications.