Privacy Policy

We engage ourselves in stringent practices to make sure that the data of users is secured and protected across all the main channels through which we operate. We respect the privacy of the users and take every precautionary measure to avoid the breach of any law. The personal information of the users is only collected and used when it is required and relates to the legal business needs.

Any data which is being collected is obtained through secure gateways, and for better user experience, we reserve the safety of the users. We have carefully structured the clauses of our privacy policy and outlined the practices to show our users how we regulate the collected data. In order to make sure that our staff respects individual rights and personal information handed over to us, we take the following 10 responsibilities on us.

Accountability: As we are operating as a virtual platform, we are committed to protecting the privacy of the users and visitors. We understand that users have put their trust in us and we take it seriously. To cater to the security needs of all those involved, we maintained transparency of the terms of the privacy policy. We assume ourselves accountable for ensuring the information is safeguarded against all probable mishaps. Thus, we have hired a privacy officer to handle all the issues related to the safety concerns of the users.

Reasons for data collection: The purpose for which your data and information is collected, used, or divulged to concerned parties will be made transparent and available at or before the time it is collected. It is also guaranteed that these purposes are only confined to proper business operations and we will adhere to it.

Consent of the users: Users of this platform are informed about the ongoing update that we will be going through. However, we take pride in obtaining the permission of the users before adding them to the newsletter or any other mailing list to ensure that we are disseminating the information to only those who are really interested in it. We will seek your consent through double-opt-in for a better experience.

Requirement limits: Just as we guarantee your information collection pertinent to our business, we also ensure steady abidance with our enforced requirement limits. Unless any personal data cannot be categorized under the set limits, it will not be collected, stored, used, or disclosed.

Limiting use, storage, and disclosure: Not even a tiny piece of the information obtained from the users will be disclosed, used, or stored for the purposes other than stated. For instance, if we are required to disclose any data for legal purposes, then we will be bound to do that by law.

Accuracy: We try our best to make sure that all the gathered data is authentic and complete. We try to keep it up to date. Every suitable measure is taken by us to certify all the information as much as possible.

Safety measures: From security gateways to SSL requirements, we are successfully making use of all the precautionary techniques and tools to protect the information. The information is deleted through electronic deletion or shredding to dispose of it completely.

Transparent policies and processes: Our policies and practices adequately represent our translucent behavior in collecting and managing personal data. This privacy policy is also available in printed versions as an addition to its apparent digital format.

Individual accessibility: The users can access the information they have provided and can request changes if and when needed.

Challenging compliance: If you have any complaints or queries, then you can contact our privacy office at [email protected]

We value your concerns and strive to answer any queries you have for us. Feel free to contact us if you wish to ask us any questions about the information provided above.