Agimat Trading System Review

Agimat Trading System Review

Using an automated system for trading gives Forex traders additional leverage. You get to make fewer erroneous decisions and receive better returns on minimal investment. No wonder there are so many such automated trading software applications available now. Agimat Trading System is one such software, which claims to be very effective and is available at €174. 

Agimat Trading presentation

You need to assess various features of the system including its developer info, the trading approach, and more to know whether the claims are true or not. But, not everyone has the time or inclination to do the evaluation. Fortunately, our experts have performed a thorough evaluation of the key aspects of this trading software. 

Agimat Trading System Trading Strategy

Developer Dennis Buchholz is the creator of this trading system. Based on the developer info, the system uses the Market Maker Method indicator for MT4, MT5, and the TradingView platforms. 

Although Dennis does not explain in detail the trading approach used, from the mention of scalper trader strategy on the site, we assume a scalping system is used. This mobile responsive system reveals the entry and exit points so you have a hassle-free time. 

One unique feature here is the advanced artificial neural network that has its data center based in Hong Kong. This network ensures the accuracy of the trades. 

Agimat Trading System Features

Agimat Trading System Features

Some of the main features of this system include trading all MT4 and MT5 instruments, including stocks, CFD, Futures, Metals, Cryptos, and Commodities, besides currency pairs. This system has the USPTO registration and trademark which reveals approval by the US Authorities. 

Furthermore, the developer claims that over 11,000 traders have benefited from the scalping strategy used. Repainting is not used by the system and is claimed to be ideal for swing trading and scalping as per the developer info. 

From the data provided on the site, this system also has a trade copier service with an accuracy of 90% and a drawdown value of less than 3.9%. Daily scalp trades executed by the developer are sent to users as they learn the working method of the system. With more than 90% accuracy, the developer states that the copier can help in steady account growth if you connect it to your account. 

Agimat Trading System Backtesting Results

Despite the developer claiming successful trades, he does not furnish backtests. With backtests we will be able to analyze the strategy used by the system more clearly. Historical data help in assessing the performance of the system and help users decide on the efficacy of the system. Without the backtests, we are unable to make a detailed evaluation of the system. 

Agimat Trading System Live Trading Results

A live trading account verified on the FxBlue site is shown on the official site. The screenshots of the results are shown below:

Agimat Trading System Live Trading Results
Agimat Trading System Live Trading Results

From the EUR real account trading results, we could see the system has provided a total return of 145.1%. The weekly and monthly returns are 1.1% and 4.8% respectively. A drawdown value of -3.9% is revealed. 

With less than 0.3 trades per day, the system has received a profit factor of 7.56. Started in April 2019, the live account shows several highs and lows with the risk to reward ratio being 2.43. This is on the higher side and reflects the scalping and swing trading strategy used.

Agimat Trading System Reputation

Dennis Buchholz, the developer of this system is the founder of FX Tech Group Ltd. This group is a software engineering company with offices in Hong Kong and Spain. Besides the Forex trading system, it also has Binary Options software. 

According to the developer info, the system is being constantly updated and the latest version is the Agimat FX Ultra. A real-time neural network feed is used for trading, which ensures better accuracy and profits.

We found user reviews for the system on the Forexpeacearmy site and the TrustPilot site. From the screenshots of the reviews below, you can see that the system has plenty of positive feedback as well as some negative reviews on the efficacy.

Agimat Trading customer reviews
Agimat Trading customer reviews
Agimat Trading customer reviews

Agimat Trading System Review Summary

  • Strategy – 6/10
  • Functionality & Features – 5/10
  • Trading Results – 5/10
  • Reliability – 5/10
  • Pricing – 7/10

Summing up our review of the Agimat Trading System, the software reveals a few positive aspects and some downsides that prevent it from being a wholly effective system. The developer’s approach to trading is a refreshing one. With many positive reviews and just a few negative ones, this system shows potential.

The signal service provides real and live account trading results verified by the FXBlue site. With mixed user reviews,we feel that this system can turn out to be a better one,provided the few downsides we indicated are rectified by the developer.

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